Psi Star Designs

Welcome to the online home of web developer Joseph W. May. By day, I teach high school chemistry in North Las Vegas; by night, I'm still working on my day-job. However, on weekends, breaks, and summer I enjoy web development. I have experience in HTML/CSS, jQuery, PHP, WordPress theme and plugin development, responsive design, and Bootstrap. I primarily work with academic research groups, which is where my joy for web design and development began. I completed my Ph.D. in computational chemistry at the University of Washington, Seattle. During my time there, I learned to program and found satisfaction in the design element that comes with programming for the web. I also realized my real passion was in education, which is what led me to become a teacher.

Due to my nine-month-long day-job as a teacher, I have limited time between August and June for development projects. However, if you are interested in my services, please contact me at For samples of my work, check out my portfolio below.


Li Research Group
The website for my former research group. This site uses WordPress for latest news articles and showcases the group's research, members, and publications.
Chronous Quantum
A website to showcase the features of a new computational chemistry package. The site also includes a form for users to sign-up for the beta release.
TACC 2016 Conference
A website for an upcoming international scientific conference in theoretical and computational chemistry. The site includes a custom search feature and will include user account registration and abstract submission.